I’m pleased to share an article I wrote about my young adults’ social outings group, which was published in the October 2016 issue of Arts + Culture magazine: A Culture Collective: Art Outside the Therapy Hour.

Dr. Rachel Winer’s social skills group were captivated by Lauren Gunderson’s I and You at Stages Repertory Theatre. Pictured: Melissa Molano and Mateo Mpinduzi-Mott in the Stages production of I and You. Photo by Jon Shapley.

Here is a presentation I gave in October 2014 at the annual Special Education Assistance Services (SEAS) Breaking Barriers Conference on superhero allegory in therapy. Ever since that time, friends continue to honor me with Batman paraphernalia for my birthday and at odd intervals.

Are you interested in the relationship between physical pain and emotion? I was quoted in this article that appeared in Dance Magazine in August 2011 by Nancy Wozny, The Hurt Factor.

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